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Muslim head wraps are worn by both men and women who identify themselves religiously as being Muslim. Men wear turbans and women wear a head covering called a hijab. There are both religious and personal reasons behind choosing to wear a Muslim head wrap.

Men wear turbans as a way to distinguish themselves from other non-Muslims. Turbans do not have to follow any certain color or design but many men choose to wear either white, green, and black turbans. Green is known as the color of paradise and the Prophet Mohammed was known to wear a white turban. Women wear a hijab as an expression of modesty. It is popular belief that Muslim women are dictated by their religious culture to wear these head coverings, however Muslim women are not required to do so. Most women choose to wear these head scarves and see it as privilege and a benefit provided to them.

Both male and female head coverings are worn as an expression of modesty. They believe that by wearing a head wrap they will be judged as a person and are able to conduct business in a respectful environment. The head wraps also allow them to feel both comfortable and liberated. These head coverings can be made out of cotton, silk, or any colored fabric.


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black head wraps sky grey head wraps grey head wraps blue jean blue head wraps blue head wraps egyptian blue head wraps ocean blue head wraps baby blue head wraps army green head wraps forest green head wraps sage head wraps teal head wraps peppermint head wraps neon green head wraps mint green head wraps plum head wraps purple head wraps light purple head wraps mauve head wraps burgendy head wraps peach head wraps citrus head wraps red head wraps rust head wraps wine red head wraps spring splash head wraps hot pink head wraps watermelon head wraps pink head wraps orange head wraps brown head wraps mustard head wraps camel head wraps tan head wraps cream head wraps yellow head wraps light yellow head wraps light grey head wraps white head wraps
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List of Head Wraps

Black Head Wraps   Black
Sky Grey Wraps   Sky Grey
Grey Head Wraps   Grey
Blue Jean Blue Head Wraps   Blue Jean Blue
Blue Head Wraps   Blue
Egyptian Blue Head Wraps   Egyptian Blue
Ocean Blue Head Wraps   Ocean Blue
Baby Blue Head Wraps   Baby Blue
Army Green Head Wraps   Army Green
Camouflage Head Wraps   Camouflage
Forest Green Head Wraps   Forest Green
Sage Head Wraps   Sage
Teal Head Wraps   Teal
Peppermint Head Wraps   Peppermint
Neon Green Head Wraps   Neon Green
Mint Green Head Wraps   Mint Green
Plum Head Wraps   Plum
Purple Head Wraps   Purple
Light Purple Head Wraps   Light Purple
Burgendy Head Wraps   Burgendy
Peach Head Wraps   Peach
Citrus Head Wraps   Citrus
Red Head Wraps   Red
Rust Head Wraps   Rust
Wine Red Head Wraps   Wine Red
Spring Splash Head Wraps   Spring Splash
Hot Pink Head Wraps   Hot Pink
Watermelon Head Wraps   Watermelon
Pink Head Wraps   Pink
Orange Head Wraps   Orange
Brown Head Wraps   Brown
Mustard Head Wraps   Mustard
Tan Head Wraps   Tan
Coffee Head Wraps   Coffee
Camel Head Wraps   Camel
Cream Head Wraps   Cream
Yellow Head Wraps   Yellow
Light Yellow Head Wraps   Light Yellow
Light Grey Head Wraps   Light Grey
White Head Wraps   White
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